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How to Trash the "No White After Labor Day" Rule (and Do It Well)

How to Trash the "No White After Labor Day" Rule (and Do It Well)

Let’s be real, the reasons for not wearing white after Labor Day are still partially unknown to most of us, and very few even follow the rule at this point. But if you’ve found yourself aimlessly scrolling the internet, suddenly filled with a rebellious desire to eradicate an absurd allegiance to one of the many obscure fashion rules, that is random, but you are in the right place!

I’ll keep it short because I know you are driving, don’t even lie. 

From what we can gather, most assume the trend started at some point in the early 20th century. Those who were wealthier had the ability to vacation in the warmer months and wear lighter weight materials in whites or creams, which were deemed “vacation” or “leisure” wear. This became a sort of standard, and essentially separated those who had the ability *cough loot* to dress fashionably for the season, and those who didn’t. Aka classism, aka thank u, next.

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer (it stays alive in our hearts) therefore making the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day the acceptable window of time in which you can be sure the rest of the world will know when you ate spaghetti.

Coco Chanel was one of the OG rule breakers, wearing white all year round. Oh, and Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894. History class over.

Now, back to you trashing this rule.

We like to utilize base items that are the same shade of white (bottoms and top, dress, jumpsuit, or romper.)

This is our Betina Jumper ($79) and Basic Tee ($58)

Then incorporate another shade, or something with other colors mixed in, for the third layer. We added this Denim Polka Dot Jacket ($85)

This goes for an all cream look as well.

In conclusion, wear what you want, break rules that don’t make sense, and get this jumpsuit before it sells out because come on, it’s the cutest.

Styling: Pendeza Styles/ Photography: Sydney Daigre/ Model: Bethany Harkins/ Makeup: Janae Sinclair

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