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Keeping Up With Esther Penn: Meet Alexis

Keeping Up With Esther Penn: Meet Alexis

It’s that time again, Keeping Up With Esther Penn!

Today’s feature is our Dallas gal Alexis! She’s been running the Dallas shop since day one and considers every customer her friend at this point. For both fashion and coffee shop recommendations alike, she’s your woman.

How long have you worked at Esther Penn?

A little over three years now!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Thai tea (because I’m desperately lactose intolerant) and Sex and The City.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

When I decide that I really want something I am pretty relentless in my pursuit of creating it for myself.

Book or podcast?

Book! I love the feeling and smell of them. Memoirs are my current favorite genre, and Three Women is my most recent read. So so incredible.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

A hardcore extrovert who also needs adequate alone time to process all my interactions.

What is your favorite product at the store currently?

The Beverly Set. Both pieces look great together, and I love pairing the top with mom jeans and a french tuck.

What are your pet peeves?

Prolonged surface conversation, flaky people who don’t honor your time, and the terrifying music ice cream trucks play.

Do you have a hobby? How did you get into it?

Does traveling alone count as a hobby? Hahaha. Plans fell through for a trip I organized with a friend, but I didn’t want to cancel the arrangements I had already made, so I went alone. There was something stressful and magical about it, and I felt so much more present that I could have with someone else. Now it’s a pretty integral part of my life.

What is your Zodiac sign? What characteristics do you most embody?

I don’t always put a lot of stock in Zodiac specifically (ask me about Enneagram some time) but I am the most Gemini Gemini ever. Adaptable, outgoing, inquisitive, impulsive, etc., etc…

What is your favorite part of work?

Being the in-house copywriter, and all the relationships. I love our team so fiercely, and most Dallas customers are my friends now, so conversations always feel honest and intimate. I thrive on that.

What is your current mantra?

If you know you want it, and you’ll still want it if you don’t go for it, the risk is in staying still.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Ugh Jamie Dornan for all my days.

What is your in-store nickname?


If you want to keep up with more of Alexis’ life, follow along on Instagram!

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