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Last Minute Gift Needs? Look No Further

“Gift giving” as a love language is a very real thing that you either have or don’t. We all know that person who takes note of every desire we’ve ever vocalized, and has an ongoing Amazon list that aligns accordingly. We love them, but hate how they make us feel about the Target candle we grabbed in a sprint, hair still wet from getting out of the shower moments before. This gift guide is for you.

This May Catch Your (Evil) Eye

The “evil eye” is actually a curse that supposedly befalls those who receive a malignant look from others, traditionally inspired by jealousy (yikes).

The belief in this curse and production of the evil eye talismans has spread over various religions and periods, though heavily centered in West Asia and Islamic culture. It has only been since the mid 20th century that the evil eye has reached popularity in Western culture.