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For the Love of Fall: A Mood Board

Aside from the white girl cliches and food items that should never include pumpkin, fall makes its mark with the very feeling it carries. We wear sweaters not simply because they are functional, but because something about bundling yourself in a blanket with sleeves while you drink coffee from an unnecessarily large mug is inherently comforting. It signals the changing of leaves and party plans and looking forward to colder days. Fall says, “hey, change is coming and it’s going to be good. But also pumpkin flavored everything.”

In honor of this change, and the ensuing excitement, we made a mood board to get you just as pumped as we are about it all.

It's Still Hot and I Don't Know What To Wear: A Memoir

Ah September. The time of year when you start thinking about fall but realize you live in Texas, and cooler temps are something you only experience in the freezer section of Trader Joe’s. You want to start buying sweaters, drinking hot cocoa, sitting on patios, but you’ll die so you post memes about it instead.

When the weather remains consistent in its relentless temperatures it’s easy to lose inspiration and wear the same thing every day, or persuade yourself to buy a completely new wardrobe, which like, we’re here for, but it isn’t always necessary.