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It's Still Hot and I Don't Know What To Wear: A Memoir

Ah September. The time of year when you start thinking about fall but realize you live in Texas, and cooler temps are something you only experience in the freezer section of Trader Joe’s. You want to start buying sweaters, drinking hot cocoa, sitting on patios, but you’ll die so you post memes about it instead.

When the weather remains consistent in its relentless temperatures it’s easy to lose inspiration and wear the same thing every day, or persuade yourself to buy a completely new wardrobe, which like, we’re here for, but it isn’t always necessary.

Keep Calm and Carry-On: What Paris Taught Me About Packing

“Why did you bring such a big suitcase?” he asks, baffled. The thing is, my suitcase really isn’t that big, but in France, where minimalism is key and most apartments don’t even have a lift, having “more” is simply more of an inconvenience.

Parisians also have that amazing appreciation for classic pieces, natural hair, and minimal makeup, which always inspires me to decipher between what I actually need and what I assume I do.

Needless to say, I learned a thing or two about fashion, packing, and proper greetings that week, and now I’m here to share the wealth! Well, about the packing part at least.

Blair Waldorf Is That You? A Trend for the Gaudy at Heart

Hair accessories are back and better than ever. Well, maybe not better, but certainly back, and certainly adding an exciting touch to any and every summer ensemble.

From silky knotted headbands to nineties sparkle barrettes, the options for hair adornment are only getting more glam, and we are jumping right on that bandwagon.

In the (Summer) Mood: A Color Story

We are taking (life)style cues from the feeling and hues of summer. The way sand under our feet makes us feel grounded and connected, the fruity cocktails that look prettier than they taste…ah yes. The very nature of summer demands both rest and play, and we plan on complying wholeheartedly.

We are trying to make all of summer feel like a vacation, regardless of if we actually get one, so mood boards and new clothes are naturally our first move!

Memorial Day Mood: Classy Clothes for Less Classy Activities

Ah, Memorial Day. We plan to spend the day chasing the sun and chasing hot dogs with beer, but that won’t stop us from wearing pastel dresses that perfectly catch the mustard we are bound to spill. Let us live!

Trends for Memorial Day range from dressy to pajamas, depending on how you celebrate, but we’ve compiled a few looks we love from our selection of new arrivals bellow!

This May Catch Your (Evil) Eye

The “evil eye” is actually a curse that supposedly befalls those who receive a malignant look from others, traditionally inspired by jealousy (yikes).

The belief in this curse and production of the evil eye talismans has spread over various religions and periods, though heavily centered in West Asia and Islamic culture. It has only been since the mid 20th century that the evil eye has reached popularity in Western culture.

Making Sense of Spring 2019 Trends

Fashion shows can tend to be as confusing as they are entertaining. If you struggle to understand how the costumes lurking down the runway on lanky legs could ever translate to an item you would pick up off the rack, you aren’t alone. I’ll let you in on five of our favorite trends for Spring, and accessible ways you can wear them. You won’t even have to tease your hair into a square or don purple lipstick. Unless you want to, then more power to ya!

How to Trash the "No White After Labor Day" Rule (and Do It Well)

Let’s be real, the reasons for not wearing white after Labor Day are still partially unknown to most of us, and very few even follow the rule at this point. But if you’ve found yourself aimlessly scrolling the internet, suddenly filled with a rebellious desire to eradicate an absurd allegiance to one of the many obscure fashion rules, that is random, but you are in the right place!