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Memorial Day Mood: Classy Clothes for Less Classy Activities

Ah, Memorial Day. We plan to spend the day chasing the sun and chasing hot dogs with beer, but that won’t stop us from wearing pastel dresses that perfectly catch the mustard we are bound to spill. Let us live!

Trends for Memorial Day range from dressy to pajamas, depending on how you celebrate, but we’ve compiled a few looks we love from our selection of new arrivals bellow!

Making Sense of Spring 2019 Trends

Fashion shows can tend to be as confusing as they are entertaining. If you struggle to understand how the costumes lurking down the runway on lanky legs could ever translate to an item you would pick up off the rack, you aren’t alone. I’ll let you in on five of our favorite trends for Spring, and accessible ways you can wear them. You won’t even have to tease your hair into a square or don purple lipstick. Unless you want to, then more power to ya!