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Wander Where You Shop: Fort Worth

For our final Wander Where You Shop we’ll cover our origin city, Fort Worth!

We planted our first Esther Penn here in 2014 and only fall more in love with it.

Fort Worth has city vibes and small town feels, equal parts familiar and fascinating. If you don’t run into someone you know you’ll most likely make a friend on the way. So without further ado, here are our fav places to wander in funky town.

Wander Where You Shop: Dallas

We’re back, sharing our favorite spots to enjoy near your local Esther Penn!

Dallas keeps things exciting with its fast paced city-chic vibe and niche neighborhoods to suit every personality.

Here are our top picks for filling your Dallas day with as much magic as possible!

Wander Where You Shop: San Antonio

An entire day to yourself and shopping on the agenda? Spend the day with us and our neighboring attractions.

We love the cities we planted our shops in and want to share some of our favorite things to do in each, starting with our newest location in San Antonio!

This city is relaxed and breezy, filled with beautiful historic spaces and five-star food experiences.

Here are some destinations that are always on our agenda.

Keep Calm and Carry-On: What Paris Taught Me About Packing

“Why did you bring such a big suitcase?” he asks, baffled. The thing is, my suitcase really isn’t that big, but in France, where minimalism is key and most apartments don’t even have a lift, having “more” is simply more of an inconvenience.

Parisians also have that amazing appreciation for classic pieces, natural hair, and minimal makeup, which always inspires me to decipher between what I actually need and what I assume I do.

Needless to say, I learned a thing or two about fashion, packing, and proper greetings that week, and now I’m here to share the wealth! Well, about the packing part at least.